Sunday, October 05, 2014

catching up...

Wow.  Now that's a bloggy break.  No real reason... just life with three boys and a sweet hubby - I know one day I'll regret not taking the time to update the blog with the shenanigans of our sweet family, but I guess I've just been too busy living life to stop and document it.  Here I am, though, in my big comfy recliner with a few minutes while the hubs watches baseball playoffs.  The best I can muster is a few bullets to update our craziness.  Where to begin... (uggh - can't get pictures to upload...)  so a picture less update it is tonight.

Oh, how about this? 

YEP - we are building a new home.  What a crazy and fantastic process.  Our house has been on the market for a while and we actually had a contract on another house, but that contract ended and we decided to build in Old Mill Village.  A brand new home - so exciting.  Kind of a dream for us - we got in on this house late in the process, but we are getting to pick out most everything.  I'll try to update the blog with progress.  I go over there  So excited about all the kids and their awesome parents who live in this neighborhood.  Our prayer is that God will be exalted and that people will be introduced to God in this home.  Also that as the boys grow, that their friends will want to hang out at our house - that they would be totally comfortable there.

Whew... my brain is filled with projects pinterest tells me I must do... paint colors...cabinet and granite choices. Yikes.  Fun, but slightly stressful. 

We just wrapped up another theatrical performance by the oldest J boy... Jacob was in SCCT's production of Beauty and the Beast - it was a great show.  He seems quite smitten with this acting thing - in fact, he's already auditioned and been cast in the nest show, "A Christmas Story."  I'm a proud momma.  Jacob is so funny - and so full of confidence.  I love the spirit that God is growing in him and I pray that it is always used for good things.  He continues to love school and does very well, though the play has kept him so busy, it's hard to get him to focus on his homework.  :)

The middle J is still totally obsessed with all things basketball.  He shoots hoops all the time and makes up games in his head.  Usually when I ask the score, he says "I'm winning 154 to 120" - or some high score like that.  He also really enjoyed playing soccer this year.  We decided to move him up to U8 - even though he is only 6.  He totally proved us right.  He hung right in there with the big kids - he even scored two goals one game.  :-)  I love watching him grow and develop!  I get the pleasure of volunteering in his class every Monday.  He is a sweet friend and loves learning.  He's so very quiet at school and is a rule follower to a tee (like his momma!).  He has the most kind heart - I love his servant's heart.  He always thinks of his brothers.  He got to go to the UK/SC football game last night with this daddy and loved it so much. 

Baby J... is so fun right now!  A little crazy ...okay a lot crazy, but he's so totally awesome!  He's starting to put several words together for his first sentences and he knows most of his colors (he always gets purple, blue, and yellow right!)  He's starting to say "love you" and it just melts my heart.  When we walk in his room this morning, he says "HI" like I am the best person in the world.  I love that so much! He loves to brush his teeth and is pretty obedient over all.   He has a new found love for screwdrivers and keys.  He carries them around all the time.  He's a wild man... we frequently say we've been Tazzed - like when he goes into the laundry room and dumps out an entire box of vanilla wafers or when he rips Jacob's homework into 20 pieces, or when he pulls all the clean clothes off the couch that are ready to hang up... or when he puts quarters in our CD player in the van and totally breaks it or when he marks on our hard wood floor with permanent markers... Of course these are all totally hypothetical.  My sweet little Taz would never do those things.  The cutest thing he says is what he says when he refers to his brothers.  He says, "where's bubba?" - to which I always reply, "he's at school." Then he says (in a high pitch sing songy way) "where's ubba bubba bubba bubba?" - he means other bubba, but  Can't believe he's almost 2. 

In other news, I've been continually plagued with an annoying foot injury, plantar fasciitis  I absolutely hate it and am over it.  I get to wear a lovely walking boot for a while - praying this helps!!  rrrrrr.  So ready to be healed so I can run again.  :-)

See, I told ya we've been busy!  God continues to bless us much more than we deserve.  Billy and I are enjoying this phase of life, but sometimes we wish that time would just stop or stand still. 

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