Friday, June 27, 2014

Catching Fireflies with Pa and Grammy

It's summer y'all.  We have thrown bedtime out the window.  We are sleeping in (can I get an AMEN???).  Our house is messy.  The kids almost always smell like chlorine. There are broken water balloon remnants in the back yard.  Our van smells like a swim mom van.   Laundry baskets are full.  Sometimes we eat cereal for dinner.  We are eating way too much McDonalds.  Flip flops are everywhere.  The beach is on our brains.  Yep, it's summer time.  Thank God for special moments.  If I'm honest, my house and the laundry are totally stressing me out, but....

Sometimes you just have to stay up late and catch fireflies... oh the simple stuff that makes summer magical.  My house will be clean in 18 years.  Maybe.  ;-)

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