Wednesday, January 14, 2015

trains on the floor and water stains on my mirrors

Oh my goodness.  So much to update.  I really intended to blog throughout the building/moving process, but clearly that just didn't happen.  So, we are indeed in our new home.  It's hard to believe.  We closed on December 22.  Yes.  Three.Days.Before.Christmas.  CRAZY - but awesome.  Building a house was stressful.  Fun mostly, but also very stressful.  The details.  The choices.  The keeping our house clean while it was on the market.  Oh man.  Never ever want to do that again.  I was a crazy momma. So now, I'm trying to sit back and enjoy the moments and memories we are making! 

Case in point, at this very moment, there are miscellaneous train engines and train tracks scattered in my new dining room (that has no table - it's still in storage!), there are water spots on my mirrors (WHY????  Why do boys always splash water on the dang mirrors?), there are dirty dishes in my new sink and there's a big bunch of empty boxes on my back porch that need breaking down.  Oh and there's lots of trash out there too because our trash service has yet to bring us new trashcans.  But, I'm really really really trying not to stress over those details.  I feel like over the last six months I had to say "just a minute" or "not right now" or "no, we can't do that because we might have a house showing" so many times that I'm really trying to just live and be with my kiddos and hubby.  It's hard.  Not gonna lie - I desperately want my new house to look like one of those perfectly staged newly remodeled homes on HGTV - I want rugs in the right places.  I want cool, trendy window treatments.  I want things hung up on the wall.  But those will have to wait, because for now, I'm too busy looking with fascination at the yellow trucks in our neighbor's yard and practicing spelling words and trying to put some healthy food options on the table (such.a.struggle.)

And, I'm trying to stay sane living with these beautiful, messy, loud crazies. 


Mommy Webb said...

What a sweet post. The struggle for am HGTV house is real sister. These days, I will settle for a halfway clean one;). So excited we we are neighbors. I love you so!!!

Mommy Webb said...

Oh, and your house is gorgeous. You did such a good job picking everything out.