Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I want to blog too!!!

Well, my little brother told me a secret. He told me that mommy let him get on the computer last night to post a bloggy page, so I just had to do it too because after all, anything he can do, I can do it better. Let me tell you something - being 2 years old is way more fun than being 1. I mean, I'm so tall I can see just about everything. And boy, it is so exciting. It's really cool that I can open any drawer in the house - I especially like the one in the kitchen where mommy and daddy keep their keys, phones and wallets. I do love me some keys. You know what? They even have a button on their keys that when I push it, the cars in the garage go "beep beep beep beep" - how cool is that? Oh, and there is nothing better than a couple of cell phones. I like to call Ammie and Pa and Mamaw and Papaw. Sometimes, I really can hear them and they can hear me. Sometimes, I just push buttons and pretend. Can you tell I really like to push buttons? I like buttons - any buttons - they are just right for my little fingers. I like buttons on the computer, buttons on the tv, buttons in the car. I get all excited just writing about all the possibilities.

My life is full of fun right now. I just love to explore things. I also really like to dump things out of whatever container they are supposed to be in. I can unzip bags, I can take the tops of just about anything and I can empty a box of toys in about 2 seconds. One of my favorite things to say right now is "whoa a lot" - a lot of toys ,a lot of food, a lot of mess, a lot of cars... I'm really into quantifying everything.

I also am starting to put words together for sentences (that's what my mommy called them - I don't really understand that word though). I can say things like "mommy say no, no, no" and "wash hands soap" and "nite nite time in big boy bed" and "andy-tales house dark" and "go go go Nannys house"- I must say that it's cool to talk and be able to be understood most of the time. It sure makes like easier! I also know all my colors and some letters and numbers. Mommy and daddy quiz me all the time. I think that's a fun game! Sometimes, I think they just forget what the letters are, so I have to remind them.

I love my mommy and daddy and even my little brother most of the time. I even ask about him first thing in the morning. This morning, before anyone came to get me in my room, I was saying "baby, where are you???" I like to see him and I really like to make him laugh. He's a little weird - he laughs at the strangest things. Like when I shake my head or jump on the bed - he just thinks I'm hysterical. I think that's pretty cool.

Well, I better go before my mommy finds out I'm typing on her computer. I think I can find something fun to play with - maybe my legos? See ya soon!

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Katie said...

That is so cute:) your boys are beautiful and you all have been such a blessing for Chris and I since we moved to Shelbyville!