Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Favorite Things

Being a mom is a true joy. Now, I know I complain about not getting any sleep - it's bad - so bad...but, I love being a mom. Here's a few of my most favorite moments with my boys:

* the moment right after Jonathan finishes eating his last feeding. He falls asleep nursing and is so sweet and content laying on my shoulder. I could hold him and listen to him breathe in my ear all night.
* when I walk into the nursery on Sunday mornings to pick up the boys - Jacob has the biggest, most sincere smile and runs right into my arms
* the first moment I see Jonathan each morning - that smile he gives when I pop my head over his crib is priceless
* singing songs with Jacob - he fills in words as I sing - it's so cute. Here's an example:
I sing "you are my" and Jacob says "sunshine" me - "my only" Jacob " sunshine" - it really is so cute. He does it to the alphabet song, twinkle twinkle, How Great Is our God and Jesus Loves Me.
* watching Jonathan trying intently to conquer something - picking up a flat toy, reaching something just a little to far for him, getting something right to his mouth the first time
* hearing Jacob say "friend ever" - he says this when I ask him if he'll be my friend forever

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