Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Never ending fun!

We had our annual "Hanging of the Greens" service at church on Sunday. Billy and I both really love this service. We decided to take both of our boys this time - Jacob usually goes in the nursery, but we wanted him to hear the music and help light the church tree. He was so cute - a little loud (which embarrassed me a lot - but everyone told me it was cute.) At one time, after a song, he said "WOW" really loud. Then, he was working on a puzzle I'd brought for him and he said "where's this piece go mommy?" really loud.

The cutest thing he did was during a prayer. We told him it was time to talk to Jesus and he closed his eyes really tight and clasped his hands and was squinting. Words really don't do it justice...he almost looks like he's trying to grunt real hard or something. It is SO funny. Amy, Jerry, Lauren and Taylor went with us and we were all laughing so hard our pew was shaking a little!

Jacob couldn't be out done though. Jonathan was pretty content. He loves paper so we gave him the service program. We looked down and a big chunk was gone - slobbery remains were all that was left. I sure hope kids can't get hurt or sick from eating paper! (and I hope Social Services isn't reading this blog.)

Oh how funny! Seriously, though...I'm so thankful Jacob is beginning to learn about Jesus. We try to show them both how much Jesus loves them. We pray that we'll be good examples to them and that tyhe will learn about the never-ending love of our Savior and will one day choose to follow Him with their whole heart. That's our prayer for both our sweet boys!

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