Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dear Jonathan

Dear little friend,

Hi baby boy, it's mommy. I love love love love love you! You are getting so big and it's so hard for me to realize that you aren't a little baby anymore. You have acquired a new little nickname - "Nosy Rosy." You are interested in every little thing that you see. You break your neck to see someone or something new. It's hilarious. I know you're just learning and learning so much because you are so inquisitive. I certainly can't predict the future, but if I had to guess, I'd say you'll be one of those sweet little children that ask 200 questions a day. I'll be interested to see if I'm right.

You are a very pleasant and sweet boy! I do have to say though, that you get your feelings hurt pretty easy too. :-) I love watching your personality blossom. You are my spunky monkey!

You can crawl so fast - I can't believe you're already crawling! Before I know it, you'll be running around chasing your brother. It's easy to tell that your brother is going to be your hero - you watch every move he makes and he makes you laugh more than anyone else.

You are eating all kinds of real food now too - you are so cute sitting in the high chair waving your arms as I feed you. It's precious. I learned one thing though - you hate green beans. You've loved everything else, but you spit green beans right out of your mouth.

You are a very snuggly baby and I feel like I have a very special bond with you. I love nursing you - those will be very special bonding memories for all my life. I especially love the last time I feed you each day. You fall fast asleep and snuggle on my shoulder for as long as I let you. I could stay like that forever.

I love you so much little bug. You are one of my very best friends in all the world!!!!!!!!!!

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Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

What a sweet note and how funny that he hates green beans. So random. You are a wonderful mommy!!!