Friday, March 27, 2009

VERY expensive 2 liter

Oh gosh - I have a confession of one of the dumbest things I've done in a long time. First of all, let me preface this with he fact that this week has been one of the busiest ever for us... Billy's got his HUGE mock trial tournament this weekend that he coordinates so he's worked late every night - really late. Crazy stuff - anyway, yesterday, he worked from 7:15am - 10:30 pm. He did stop by home briefly on his way from Louisville back to Frankfort and we had some pizza. He got home and I ran to get it so he could see the boys for a minute...well, being the sweet wife that I am, when I got to Papa Johns, I bought a 2 liter of coke for Billy because we were all out at home. The coke cost 2.95 - which I think is slightly ridiculous...oh but the story doesn't end there. I paid for my pizza, cheese sticks AND coke and promptly got back in the big blue van and went home. When I got home, I took the pizza in and Billy said "oh man, I wish we had some coke." Uggghhh - I slapped my head and said "ugggh - I bought one. A really expensive one and walked out of the darn store without it." SOOOOOOO, because it's been a really tough week for Billy and I know that he's totally addicted to caffeine, I marched back to the van and headed back to Papa Johns... well, when I was on the way, a car was zooming straight at me on Logan street and I had to swerve not to be hit head on...AND I KNOCKED THE PASSENGER MIRROR OFF THE BIG BLUE VAN as I promptly hit another parked car's side mirror. HORROR!!!! (confession - I kept driving - got the stupid coke, and brought it back home...I came back the same way and the car on Logan was still there - no damage to that mirror, praise the Lord!!!) The only thing worth salvaging... Billy drank the whole silly coke last night and this morning. :-)

Luckily it was only the mirror, but I can only imagine the nice bill we'll get from the Toyota dealer when we have to get the whole thing replaced - especially since it's electronic and all. So, that darn 2 liter is likely to cost a whopping $500 or something - if it's more than that, I'll just throw up...what a dumb thing to have to claim on insurance. Umm, "maam, can you tell me what happened to your mirror?" "well, I was driving to get a $3 coke and I hit a parked car..." WOW.

what a night.

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jeanneburnett said...

what we will do for our husbands...and a coke!!