Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Jonathan

Dear Jonathan,
SWEET BABY BOY, I love you so much! You bring us so much joy - that smile of yours is just amazing - I love those little teeth - all 8 of them. You are quite a little chunk - weighing in at 22 1/2 pounds. You're about to catch up to your brother. :-)

You have lots of new favorites things - you're learning so much and I appreciate your curiosity. You love balls - and you're really quite coordinated. You can "catch" balls and can roll them back to me with ease. You love to chase them around all over the room and think it's just hysterical when mommy or daddy dribble the balls. I have a hunch that your love of balls will lead to a very special bond between you and your daddy.

You also LOVE LOVE LOVE your big brother and want to be everywhere he is. When he's in the room, you crawl up to him so fast and just climb all over him. It's really funny! It scares me to death because I'm afraid you'll get hurt, but you seem totally unphased. You also are very very curious. You love to pick up all mommy's 'prettys' - things you'll have to learn aren't for little boys. Redirection works well for you now though.

You love food - any food. Really, I think if I left you in your high chair all day long, you'd continue to eat and eat. You love noodles, bread, cheese - everything really. I'm proud that you eat so well.

One little word of advise - PLEASE PLEASE sleep all night long (just like you did last night.) I know you can do it!!! :-)

I love you to pieces my little friend!

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