Sunday, March 15, 2009

You know you're a mommy of little ones when...

1. You can't remember the last time you actually dried your hair with the blow dryer and wore it in a style other than the trusty pony tail.
2. You understand the need for clearly defined rules when it comes to playdoh.
3. You find puffs and cheerios in very strange places - your friend may even point out that one is stuck to your rear end on the way to church... (and you don't even think that's strange.)
4. You believe that shaving your legs is as big an accomplishment as getting your college degree. Seriously - can I get a witness on this one???
5. You believe that a little piece of paper with scribbles is WAY more valuable than any ole Picasso painting!
6. You find yourself actually wondering what today's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode will be about.
7. Your heart melts when your children play together - really play together. It's so cute!!!
8. Your heart breaks when your child has the sniffles and a bad cough might just send you over the edge.
9. Your idea of a fun Friday night now includes going to GattiLand or Chuck E Cheese.
10. You find yourself still watching your little sweeties sleep - there's nothing better than a sleeping angel.
11. You pray more than you ever have in your whole life - praying that you'll do the right thing, that they'll grow up and choose to love the Lord, that they'll never get their feelings hurt...really that they'll have the best, happiest life possible.
12. You can't wait for the next slobbery kiss or little arms reaching for you.



Katie said...

amen to numbers 1, 10 and 11:)

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

#3 is my favorite. Don't need to tell you why. Haha. I can back you up on #4. It's a special day when I shave my legs. Love you!!!