Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dear baby Jonathan

Dear Baby Jonathan - I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU'RE ALREADY A YEAR OLD!!!!!! Holy moly, time is flying. I love you so much and I just love watching your personality bloom. Your birthday party was the highlight of last month - so many people came to love on you and to wish you the happiest birthday ever. You love balls, so naturally, your birthday party was "ball-themed." We had all our friends and family sign a big ball that you'll get to keep forever. What a fun day it was! You weren't terribly crazy about your cake - but your big bro couldn't wait to get his hands on some icing. Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!

You are sleeping so much better these days - going to sleep on your own and everything - thank you for that!!!! I'm really thankful!

You are a little bit mischevious, I have to admit. You already know wrong from right in many cases, because when you are just about to do something you shouldn't, you turn and look right at us and give us your little smile that could seriously just melt a person. We try to resist (and most of the time are successful, but it is pretty hard!) You love to pick up all mommy's picture frames and move them from table to table. Remember, those are mommy's pretties: not to be touched.

You are so patient with your brother - I love that about you. He absolutely adores you, but since he's little too, his hugs can be overwhelming for you. Thanks for hanging in there and letting him love on you. You are best friends already - it's so cute to watch the two of you play!!!

I love you my sweet little bug - you're my favorite friend. Love you forever and always!!!

love, mommy

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