Friday, July 17, 2009

My Friend

Whoo Whoo! "My friend is sweet, My Friend is cool, My Friend love me, My Friend loves you..." Last night was the grand finale of the Boomerang Express VBS at First Baptist Church. The words above are the lyrics from one of the famous songs this week - and it is!!! Of course, the song is referencing Jesus - he truly is sweet and cool and I hope each one of the precious children at VBS remember that! Billy and I teamed up with our best friends the Webbs to teach (ahem, herd) the 15-16 FIVE year-olds who attended VBS. They were really a great group of kids, but put a bunch of little people in a room with some markers, stickers, wrapping paper rolls - (which of course became swords), apple juice and sweet treats for snack and you get chaos!!! But, I really was impressed at how much they seemed to learn about the person of Jesus and that He truly is the best friend ever.

Jacob enjoyed VBS immensely - he is a little sponge and is learning so much. One of the lessons was about Jesus walking on water and it has really stuck with Jacob all week - he keeps asking me "how does he do that mommy?" His teachers rocked the house - the Collings are AWESOME teachers! So proud of my big boy. Jonathan had a tough week - he really really missed his mommy and daddy, but also had a great teacher, Ms. Rachel!

Though I'm glad it's over (really really glad...) I'm so glad we got the opportunity to share about Jesus with some kiddos who don't go to church anywhere. I pray for those families!

*** oh no pictures from VBS from me, but if you head over to my co-teacher and AWESOME friend's blog at, you'll see a few great shots!

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