Monday, August 03, 2009

Dear boys,

Time for the monthly installment of the letters to my boys. They are such a joy right now - really enjoying each other!!!

Dear Jacob, You are a really funny kid - I know I've told you that before, but you really make me laugh. You have found a new favorite thing lately...Daddy found some random little show on Noggin (didn't even know we had that channel) called Jack's Big Music Show and YOU. LOVE. IT!!!!! It is all about music, which is your favorite thing. There's a song on it called "I'm gonna catch you" and you are so cute when it comes on. You grab your guitar and sing right along and do all the motions. We HAVE got to video tape it - it is just too precious!

Jacob, you are learning so much about Jesus right now too - you love to sing "Jesus" songs and always tell us what you learn in Sunday School. You got to go to your first VBS last month and let me tell you... you loved it!!!! You still sing the songs and talk about the things you did. What fun! You are also a very good big brother. You are very protective and don't like it at all when mommy or daddy have to say "no no no" to your little brother. You always want him around and are so patient with him when he messes up your puzzles or jumps (or mauls) on you. You have started calling him "daily dub," which is one of our silly little nicknames for him.

You also started drawing people last week - really cute - you put little legs and arms that aren't attached to the body, but it's really cute. I will cherish those first people drawings forever! (and I was the first person you drew - lucky me.) You tell me all the time "you're a cool mommy, mommy." and I. just. melt!!!! I love you little man! You are a GREAT little boy and I am so proud of you for working so hard to follow the rules and listen to mommy...we MIGHT, just MIGHT be getting close to over the terrible twos. :-) LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!

Dear Jonathan,

Hi little buddy - I cannot believe you're already 14 months old. That is just unbelievable! You are growing so fast. It is evident to me now that you are tall enough to open every drawer in the kitchen and tall enough to reach the on and off button on the TV in the bedroom (not that you would ever do those things...) You are a very curious little guy and I love watching you explore. Your sweet babysitter, Ms. Mary, even says sometimes you just wander off and find something to entertain yourself. So funny! You are most definitely going to be a lefty - your left hand seems to get preference for eating with a spoon (YOUR NEWEST TRICK!!!!!) and throwing balls. Daddy says he'll have to get real creative when he teaches you how to play ball since he's a righty and you're a lefty. :-)

Jonathan, you are going through a bit of an "i need my mommy stage" and while it's sweet, it worries me a little bit. Especially at church. Don't worry little buddy - mommy will always come back for you when I leave you somewhere! Always! I want you to always feel safe and loved!

You continue to LOVE LOVE LOVE your big bro. He is definitely your hero. You two are really starting to play together and I just love to sit back and watch. Sometimes he leads and you follow, but honestly, he admires you just as much. He follows you too. You two have really enjoyed playing outside together lately - you love to find random water puddles and just splash away. You also LOVE it when I blow bubbles for you. Those shiny round bubbles just amaze you (me too if I'm honest here...).

Jonathan, we are so proud of you and love you so much! You are a miracle my little guy - pray that you see yourself that way to!

Much love to you both,


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Tiffany Magness Keene said...

So sweet, Sherri! You're such an amazing Mommy! Love you! :)