Friday, August 21, 2009

lessons from my kiddos

Well, I know I posted a few months ago about lessons I learn from my kids - well, at that time, I wasn't sure I actually learned anything from my kids, but boy was I wrong. Not only do I learn from my kids, but I also continue to learn more and more about who they are and who they will become and It scares me a lot, but I love watching them grow and bloom. Today I learned two very distinct lessons from my kids - one very profound and one not so profound, but oh so very important.

Episode 1: We went to the park today - it was a perfect day and I love taking the boys to the park. We went for a nice long walk and then played on the playground. When we got there this little boy ran up to Jacob and said "hi, I'm Aaron." Well, my little sometimes shy guy proved that all wrong - he was completely taken with his new little friend and proceeded to follow him around like crazy for an hour or so. Jacob was quite conversational and it was really cute...what's so profound about this, you ask??? Well, it got me thinking about who Jacob will become one day. I believe he is going to be somewhat of a follower. Not that that's a bad thing at all. In fact, I think being a leader is sometimes much much harder than a follower, but being a follower means one thing. You follow the example of someone else. Well, this realization has had me whispering a new prayer today for my little man - that God would place amazing people in his life that are worthy of following. So many people have bad motives and any one person can have so much influence. I pray that even as a little boy, God would place sweet little friends in his life that are good listeners and that obey their parents. And as an elementary school boy, friends that are learning about Jesus and that like school and listen to their teachers. And as a middle school boy and high school young man and a college guy, friends and mentors that lead him toward Jesus and teach him that it's okay to do the right thing - even if it's not the popular thing!!!!

Episode 2: Not nearly so profound (but important nonetheless)... the lesson I learned from/for Jonathan today - always always always leave the bathroom door shut! Jonathan decided to go into the bathroom today (I guess while I was fixing lunch) and took everything that was in the bathroom trashcan and put it in the toilet. Fun times, let me tell you. Well, after a floor full of water, quite a battle with the plunger and 10 soaking wet towels later, it's all fine. Lesson learned - 15 month old little boys are curious little fellows. When things are quiet in the house, probably a sign that mommy should go see what's happening and not just be grateful for the peace. :-)

I love the way being a mommy stretches me and makes me rely on Jesus - I tell you one thing - I cannot imagine trying to be a mommy without the power and strength of the Lord!


Katie said...

I can so see that happening! right in the middle of you fixing lunch:)

Tiffany Magness Keene said...

Great post, Sherri! And somewhat related, I thank God for placing awesome, christian Mommies in my life to be an example of how to love and parent by grace! :) Love you and your sweet boys!