Saturday, August 08, 2009

"I'm the King of the Bees, I don't like RULES"

Okay, so that's the quote of the day from yours truly, Mr. Jacob. Where in the world he got that, I'll never know.... BUT today during "nap" time (the term is used lightly in our house) Jacob told his daddy "I'm the King of the Bees, I don't like rules." Just like that. Matter of fact. No emotion. Nothing. I happened to be downstairs and I witnessed the conversation courtesy of the old faithful baby monitor. I don't know how Billy kept a straight face, because I was cracking up. Billy said to him, "what did you say?" Jacob repeated it again and then Daddy said "where'd you learn that?" Without skipping a beat, Jacob said "Vacation Bible School." HMMMMM... now that's an imagination. I happen to know what the exact curriculum from VBS was, since we were teachers too, and I can assure you that NOT liking the rules and king of the bees were not included in the week's curriculum.

Always an adventure at the stover house....

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Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

I know that I read this before, but I went back to see if you have posted in the past couple days so I read it again. Jacob is a hoot! Maybe we should ask Miss Marianne and Mr. Blythe about the "bees lesson" that we missed with the five year olds:)