Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dear Jonathan,

Dear Sweet Jonathan - you continue to be the joy of my life. You are growing too fast though!!!! It seems like the 'baby' stage is long gone. You are a full fledged toddler - I suppose you really have been a toddler for a while, but hey, I'm in denial. You are a very curious young man. Here's a few facts I've learned about you lately:

*you are a bottomless pit...I'm so proud of the way you eat!!! Keep it up, buddy! You out eat the rest of the family by a mile. Your favorite food right now is grapes - sometimes you stuff so many in your mouth that you look like a chipmunk.

*you LOVE Mickey Mouse - you flap your arms and turn around in circles when he's coming on TV. Nothing makes you smile more than Mickey these days!

* You are the apple of your brother's eye - he adores you and follows you around all the time! It's really sweet and I can tell you love his attention

* you are starting to enjoy books and being read to - you grab a book and come plop down right in my lap

* you are getting four teeth right now and I don't think you like it very much - good news is I can see all of them now, so hopefully your discomfort will end soon!

* taking you out to eat is oh not so fun for mommy and daddy - you are a little wiggle worm and have some utter dislike for highchairs. :-) (unless it's a LOUD place like Gatti Land - you can eat the house down on the salad bar!!!)

* you are a very big helper!!! You always are the first to help put your toys away and love racing mommy to put all the books away. Thanks for that!

* you are deciding to wait a while before you start to words from you yet, but I have a feeling when you do find your voice, it'll be non stop for you!

I love you so much Jonathan - you are a very sweet boy and we are so proud of you. You are the best little sleeper and eater. You are so fun right now! I pray that you keep your spunky personality and that you will learn to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.



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Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Jonathan, you sure do know how to pave your way, big boy. You are so strong and independent. You really do remind me of a firstborn in your personality. Uncle Lee and I love you so much. He calls you Big Jon. Your mommy and I try to tell him to call you by your full name, but he insists that Big Jon is such a cool name for you. Big Boy Walker thinks your pretty cool too.