Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dear Jacob,

Dear Sweet Sweet Jacob,

My big big boy... I love you so much! I can't believe you're almost three. Time is absolutely flying. I just ordered your 3rd birthday party invites - unbelievable. Being your mommy is so much fun. You are very creative and very very sweet! You are very smart! I know I say that a lot, but it's really true. Everyone says "I can't believe he's still 2 - he speaks so clearly and knows all his ___ " (colors, numbers, letters, animals...). You are learning so many new things all the time! I love watching your little brain work! You've also been working on memorizing some Bible Verses and you love to repeat after me. The cutest thing you say is the way you say Philippians - when you say it, it sounds like "flimikias." You have started to do the funniest thing - you follow your brother around and do everything he does -literally. Every sound, every step, every single thing he does. And he loves it!!!! He loves the attention you give him. You are best friends and that makes your daddy and mommy so proud! You continue to be a very very painfully picky eater (I doesn't fall far from the tree) - but sometimes you just skip dinner all together - you say "I don't want nuffin for eat. I fine" hmmmm...any advise here young man??? I suppose you'll eat when you're hungry. You are really into books right now and are even starting to recognize a few words! You could literally sit with us and read 100 books at a time. You "read" Brown Bear Brown Bear" all the time and it is priceless!!! You have a new renewed interest in Mickey Mouse - something you share with your brother. So cute!!!!

You are also quite the little helper these days - you love helping mommy do special tasks - like cooking, dusting, helping with the laundry... just a great helper. I love that!
Jacob, I'm very very proud of your behavior lately. You have been working so hard to be respectful and to follow the rules. You are still working on saying "please and thank you" but you really do a great job! You are a good listener and mommy and daddy really thank you for that. You're being a great example to your little brother.

I feel so happy and blessed to be your mommy. You are so funny right now and really bring joy to my life. I love talking to you on the phone when I'm not here and I love talking to you at nite nite time. We're gearing up for potty training and would appreciate your full cooperation (hey a little begging never hurts, huh???).

Love you forever!!!! Mommy

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Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Jacob, you are such a big, smart boy. I can't believe you are going to be three in a month. It seems like you were just coming into the world and brining so much joy into Aunt Rachie and Uncle Leedle's lives. And you still do today. We love you.