Saturday, December 05, 2009

Perfect Spot

Whew - I've been on a bit of a bloggy hiatus - no real reason, just busy busy busy decking the halls and fa-la-la'ing all over the house! We do have everything decorated and I just love Christmas time! I love looking at all our beautiful ornaments and the special memories they bring. I love the little place mat custom made with my boys feet and hand prints into cute little Rudolphs. I love my Precious Moments tree. I love the Mickey tree I created for the boys room. I love it all. I love what Christmas is all about and I'm glad we go "all out" for Jesus' Birthday. But, I have to be honest, Christmas takes on a whole new meaning seeing it through the eyes of my sweet children. This year seems especially exciting - the boys are enjoying the holidays already. The are fascinated with all the decorations and the full little music making stuffed animals we have. Jacob was really into decorating the tree this year - he took special care to put each ornament in the perfect spot. (the picture here shows the "special spot" for several ornaments - the exact same branch.) Wouldn't change it for anything. And today, he was putting on a white church ornament and said "mommy, is this where Obama lives?" hmmm...white church/white house - I can see how he got confused. Jonathan even got into it a little. May each of you take a few minutes to be grateful for all this season means and enjoy the "little moments."

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Tiffany Magness Keene said...

Love the "perfect spot"! Christmas time at your house is sure to be fun this year! Your boys are the perfect age to really enjoy it!!!