Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December is full of fun!

December is a fun month for so many reasons - of course - COUNTDOWN to Christmas! We've had so much fun! Jacob and Jonathan got this cool countdown thing - it has little windows for each day and a piece of chocolate is underneath. The very first thing Jacob asks for everyday is "what number do I get to do today???" Thanks Mamaw for this special treat! Jonathan likes the chocolate, but doesn't really get the whole countdown thing... Then we got to go to a Christmas party at my aunt and uncle's in Louisville last weekend. So much fun. Neither of my boys were crazy about Santa, but we managed to get a "sort of" picture. Then to top it off, we traveled to Cave City to celebrate Pa's birthday. Jacob and Tay even helped make homeade biscuits - pa's favorites! I love seeing my dad be a grandfather - such a neat experience. My boys are the apples of his eye and he just loves hanging out with them! We are so blessed! Sometimes its so easy to take for granted all the wonderful things in our lives! May we truly take some time this Christmas season to thank God for all our wonderful blessings and of course - the biggest blessing of all - the birth and death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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