Monday, April 19, 2010

Pre-arranged marriages aren't so bad, are they?

So, my Jacob is smitten with a sweet little girl named Tate. Now, relationships with little girls aren't totally new to Jacob. He adores Ashley, his babysitter's little girl. She is definitely his best little friend other than his little brother. But yesterday, he got to play with another little girl and he has so sweetly talked about her all day today. We went to a Sunday School party yesterday afternoon and we all had a blast! Jonathan loved playing basketball with the "big boys" and Jacob was introduced to a new toy - guns. Nerf guns. He loved it! All boy... that's all I can say! Near the end of the party though, guns were down and Jacob found him a new little friend, Tate. They were inseparable for the last hour we were there. Following each other, talking to each other. Really cute. One of there conversations was sweet little Tate reassuring Jacob that there was no monsters in the "secret" hideout. We got a few pics... little bro was right in the mix. He was totally digging little Tate too. So today, Jacob wanted to call her. He was obsessed with it actually. So, after work, we called her. Here's the conversation as we heard it:

"I'm eating Cocoa Puffs."

"We got a swingset witha little trampoline on it. You wanna come jump on our little trampoline with us?"

"It's still in the box. My daddy's got to put it up." After the call, Jacob said,"she wants to come over. Isnt' that cool?"



Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Jacob is already calling girls???!!!! That's crazyness! But since Tate is such a doll baby, I can completely understand his infatuation:).

jeanneburnett said...

That IS COOL! I love that he kept talking about her!!! So cute!