Friday, April 23, 2010

mommy tips

Great post from our cousin in West Virginia - thought I'd share the wealth... climb on over to to get some great ideas! I wish I'd known about the bib washing thing. That darn velcro reaked havoc on some of my boys little sweaters.

Thought I'd add a few of my own mommy tips. What about you? Share your best secret tips for making mommyhood less stressful.

1. Always have the diaper bag stocked with snacks that are easily packages and not messy like granola bars, nutri grain bars, little crackers, baggies of animal crackers or cheerios if they are little ( ALWAYS pack 2 of everything if you have multiple critters - the whole sharing thing is nice in theory, but when you are driving down the road its hard to enforce.)

2. Put puzzles in big gallon size baggies. Especially the ones that come in paper boxes that always get ripped. Save the picture on the front of the box though.

3. Oxy-clean laundry stain remover. Enough said on that one... Buy it now! Heck, buy two or three to have in stock.

4. Invest in some large plastic containers to store clothes in once your kids are "past that stage." Then label the containers with sharpies for easy reference for number 2 or 3 or 4. Or to share with your friends so you can enjoy seeing your sweet little clothes recycled.

5. If your kiddo likes pacis, give him/her 4-5 each night. That saves you a few trips in the room if the pacis find their way out of the crib and into the floor. :-)

6. Hooded towels - don't get rid of them just because your kiddos are too big. They double for some GREAT super hero capes!!!!!

Your turn.....

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Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

I am fortunate enough to benefit from your boy's precious clothes:). Great tips!!!! Love ya.