Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Being a mommy is one tough job. But oh my, I love it so. As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a mommy. There was a time in my life, after a really tough relationship ended...when I was single and wondering if God would bless me with a husband and kids. I longed to be a mommy, but I just had to trust God's plan and wait. (and watch all my friends have one, two, even three kiddos.) But, in God's timing, he brought a fantastic man into my life and eventually two little sweeties I am proud to claim as my own. I was and still am a total baby magnet. If there's one in the room, I want to be near it - to touch it, smell it, hear it... I love kids. Always have and always will. Mother's Day weekend is such a great time of reflection and thanksgiving. Billy always makes me feel so special on mothers day...every day really. Here's just a few reasons that I love being a mommy right now:

1. Jacob and Jonathan are starting to have conversations - so funny. Here's an example: (Jacob) Jonathan you wanna go outside? (Jonathan) Uh Huh. (Jacob) okay go get your shoes on. (Jonathan) otay. (runs to get his shoes on... brings them to me and says "mines shoes on?") (Jonathan) to jacob... go outshide? Outshide?

2. Jacob tells me at nite nite time "mommy I love you. I am so glad to be your boy." *sigh*

3. Both boys love superheros. The wear capes and run around saying "batman or superman to the rescue."

4. Jonathan tries to get our attention by saying "i dee i dee idee" (watch me watch me watch me)

5. Nite nite time with both boys is so special. Jonathan is super snuggly and loves singing songs for a few minutes in the glider in his room. The last song we always sing is the Barney theme song. Then he feels safe enough to lay down and drift off to snoreville. and Man.can.he.snore!!!!Jacob loves to be told stories. He has a whole routine...first tell me a story about Batman meets Superman meets John Stewart. Now tell me a story about Batman and Robin. Now tell me a story about the clock. Now tell me a story about the microwave (random household object make some great stories.) Now tell me a story about Mommy and Daddy and Jacob and Jonathan.

Here's a few snapshots from our mothers day festivities. :-) Happy belated mother's day to all you awesome mommies. to those of you who long to be a mommy, keep trusting God and know that he loves you above all else!

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Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

I am cracking up right now b/c Jacob was telling me stories during rest time to avoid falling asleep. Haha. You are such a wonderful mommy - so warm, loving, creative and dedicated.