Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I learned this week - rope and alligator style

So, my cousin in WVA has been doing this "what I learned this week" post on her blog ( for a while and I'm trying to learn how to link to it. When I figure it out, hopefully, ya'll can share all the cool stuff you are learning too!

So, here goes... what I learned this week. Drumroll please:
1. Potty Training is a process. We are almost there, but sometimes it can be so frustrating. Jonathan's routine of holding his stinky until night time is getting really old. But, he does in fact stinky in the potty almost every single night. And I'm proud! It just seems to delay our nighttime routine by 15 minutes. (seriously - just like a man, right??)

2. When he calls me in the bathroom every night, I have learned to expect the unexpected. Tonight, he said, "mommy, come look. I made a rope and an alligator." Oh and let me tell you, he was right. Gross, I know!

3. I bought hopefully my last pack of diapers ever today. He still wears a diaper at night. I almost got pull ups, but they are so much more expensive. Since he's not wearing diapers at all during the day, I think diapers at night okay. Your thoughts?

4. The Target brand diapers are cheaper even after really good coupons for the name brand.

5. Target brand diapers actually work better for us than Huggies. I still like Pampers best though.

6. A slightly strong-willed little man + holding pee pee throughout the day = a rough night. Jonathan cried and cried during the night last night. We finally figured out he was holding his pee pee in. And we made him go (after lots of tears) at (Gulp) 3 am. Geesh.

There you have it... that's what I'm learning this week. What about ya'll?


all you need is love said...

diapers at night are JUST FINE!!!! gavin is still wetting the bed but i just refuse to buy anymore.

Tucker's Mama said...

I just love the title of this post! Of course, the post is great too, but I can't stop laughing at the title lol!