Friday, June 10, 2011

Goooo Dodgers!

Tonight may have marked the start of a long love affair with the ball park. Jacob had his very first Tee Ball game and ohmyworditwassocute!!!

We had a whole entourage with us - complete with a very special fan with a "little bro" t-shirt for Jonathan with Jacob's number on it.

It was so fun to watch my little man in action. He was so attentive and always asked his coach what to do. He hit the ball really well, too.

Fielding - another story. He (along with all his teammates) ran after the ball and kind of jumped/fell on top of the ball.

The funniest part - Jacob's team was fielding and a little dude from the other team who had just batted was on first base, ran after the ball and caught it - from his own team mate. So very funny. I foresee many more nights at he ball park. I think I see lots of dusty shoes, dirty clothes, dirty faces and sweaty boys in my future. And I can't wait! What fun.

Thanks to all our family and friends who came to the park to cheer on the Dodgers and especially number 5!

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