Saturday, July 23, 2011

Great Season little Dodgers!

Today was the last game of Jacob's T-ball season. It was supposed to be last night, but the park rescheduled for today due to the heat. Not sure it helped much, because it felt like it was 117 degrees on that T-ball field. But, it was much fun! Jacob has really enjoyed this t-ball thing and I am glad. But not nearly as glad as his daddy - I think being a daddy to little boys who like sports make his heart smile really big.

One of the highlights for the boys is visiting the concession stand for a popsicle - oh boy, I wish we'd never introdued them to that idea this season! Here's Mamaw taking Jacob over to get his spiderman (very messy I might add) popsicle. Little kiddos sure know the right words to get grandparents to do exactly what they want. Sneaky little critters. :-)

Today, little bro got in on the action and it was precious! He asked daddy if he could bat and daddy took him over to ask the coach. She said yes! It was so so so cute.

His smile as he touched home plate was precious.

And Jacob was the beaming proud big bro! Such fun blessings.

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Tucker's Mama said...

I'm sure there are MANY more days at the ball field in store for you, Mama Stover ;)