Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to the love of my life (a few days late!) My hubby celebrated birthday number 3-6 on Friday. He is amazing and touches the lives of everyone he meets. In his honor, here's the top ten things I love and admire about my very best friend.
1. He is so very patient and kind. Really - deep down in his innermost being, he is a kind person.
2. He is a wonderful daddy. He takes special time with each of our boys. He worries about them staying safe. He loves to play with them and take them places. He is definitely a REALLY involved daddy.
3. He always makes sure the day to day basic stuff is taken care of... in almost 7 years, I haven't worried one time about our doors being locked at night or the trash taken out. He just does those things. And gets gas in whatever car I'm going to be driving most of the time for me.
4. He takes care of our finances, but includes me as much as I want to be. He balances our checkbook every month and keeps records in order like they are supposed to be. (oddly though, it's my thing to get our tax information ready for filing each spring - weird. we just make a good team!)
5. He always makes sure our bills are paid on time.
6. He works hard at his job - puts his all into it when he's there. He is very good at his job! Judges across the state LOVE him. But I love that when he's home, he's completely home. He leaves work at work and is completely available to me and the boys!
7. He indulges me by watching chic flicks and watching me scrapbook and occasionally plays cards with me.
8. He is oh so helpful in the house. He does the dishes, sweeps the floor and keeps things straight. He hates clutter and I hate dirt, so again, we make a great team.
9. I love that we enjoy the same things in our spare time. We love the same TV shoes (Big Brother, LOST, American Idol). He even secretly likes to watch the Bachelor/ette with me. :-) We genuinely enjoy our time together and it seems so easy and content.
10. He is a leader. Not an "in your face look at me" kind of way, but he is a gentle and quiet leader. He leads our family toward a loving relationship with Jesus and he prayerfully makes decisions for our family. I know I can trust his decisions. I know he has our family's best interest at heart with all decisions he makes.
Happy Birthday Babe! I sure do love you!!!!

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Tucker's Mama said...

Happy birthday, Billy! Yup, he's a great guy :)