Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Must haves - when you have boys

I have a running list of "goodies" that I have really liked as a mommy of two boys. Here's a few. Leave a comment and add your "must haves" - those things/activities that have made being a mommy to little ones easier.

1. Random Halloween Costumes - oh.my.word. My boys have gotten some SERIOUS mileage out of the various Halloween costumes we've had over the past few years. We still make the 18 month old Pooh costume work when needed. :-) So much fun. Here's a few recent picks of the shenanigans.

2. Can I just say two of everything? Really, it just makes life easier to purchase doubles of stuff - same strollers for Disney World. Same sunglasses. Same sippy cups. Same swim trunks. Same plates and cups. You get the pattern. It also helps feed my need to have them in matching clothes. I know I won't be able to get away with that forever, but until then... match on I say! (see - matching strollers, shirts, sunglasses???) :-)

3. DVD players for the car. Can I get an AMEN on that one? I feel bad for my parents for having to put up with my sister and I all the way to the beach every year.

4. Toy Story miniature figurines - oh man, we've gotten some mileage out of those little things. They are Jonathan's most favorite toys.

5. Crayons. Lots of them (but of course two of every color!) My boys love to color and that's an activity I always pull out when we need some chill time - read, when they are fighting with each other and can't seem to pull it together. wintertime, summertime, anytime, coloring is a hit in my book! Sometimes we even do it right before our night time routine commences.

6. Puzzles. We love love love puzzles in our house. Both boys are very good at them and again, puzzles are a great chill time activity. But, I always take the puzzles out of the original box and keep them in big ziploc baggies. Less space and those boxes get demolished so easy.

what about you guys? What are your go-tos... your must haves?


Mommy Webb said...

Great list! We have still not found the full set of toy story figurines, and believe me, we have tried:).

Tucker's Mama said...

At Tucker's age, my must-have list includes things like the dust buster, a steam shark, and a paci lol!