Sunday, August 28, 2011

Do Everything

Do Everything
You’re picking up toys on the living room floor for the 15th time today
Matching up socks, sweeping up lost cheerios that got away
You put a baby on your hip, color on your lips and head out the door
While I may not know you, I know you wonder sometimes….
Does it matter at all?
Let me remind you it all matters just as long as you…
Do everything you do to the glory of the ONE who made you
Cause He made you
To do every little thing that you do to bring a smile to His face and tell the story of Grace
With every move that you make
In every little thing that you do

Man, this song really spoke to me this weekend. I heard it on the radio yesterday and haven’t stopped thinking about the ginormous meaning behind this catchy tune. Some days, I just kind of get in a rut. I feel like I do the same things over and over and sometimes, if I’m honest, I don’t have the most joyful attitude. Don’t get me wrong… I am so TOTALLY grateful that my schedule allows me to be a stay-at-home-most-of-the-time mommy. I wouldn’t trade places with one person on the planet. Honestly!!! But, that’s not to say that some days, after cleaning up yet another spilled cup of milk or scraping applesauce off the table or breaking up a little squabble between the kiddos or wiping bottoms or noses that I don’t think to myself “Seriously??? AGAIN???!” That’s also not to say that some days I absolutely countdown to 5pm. :-)

But, this song is a great reminder that all the mundane tasks of life are part of a greater picture. That my purpose in life is to bring Glory to God. The One who made me. He made me (little ole me, cleaning up spills me) to bring a smile to his face. Wow. That’s humbling. I sure pray that God would change my heart so that I can be joyful and grateful – even in the most mundane of daily tasks.

Check it out… Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Do Everything.” Hope it blesses you as much as it has me! (and no, I don’t know him personally and he certainly didn’t request my personal endorsement, but should you read this Mr. Chapman, I sure do admire you and your family. I’ve followed you for a long time and your story over the past few years touched my heart!)

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Mommy Webb said...

My dear college roommate (Natalie) is married to the guy who does his PR (Nick). I will try to pass it along:). Love you and can't wait to hear the song.