Friday, August 05, 2011

Nite Nite prayers

So, I'm a total creature of habit, right? Naturally, I have a routine for my kiddos - especially at bedtime. Here's our basic schedule: go upstairs (about 8:15ish): take baths - well, Jonathan takes a bath, Jacob showers with Daddy; race to get jammies on (everything is a race with boys!); brush teeth; read story in the rocking chair (Jonathan insists on being on the top bunk to hear the story.) Then, Jonathan must turn off the light and we all return to the top bunk for prayer time. It is really sweet.

Here's a recap of most night's prayers...
Jonathan: "Dear God, Jesus in hearts make us feel better. Forgive sins. And I pray for family and sins and hearts better. When we are sad or mad or fight, put our hearts back to feel better. In Jesus's holy name, amen."

Jacob: "Dear God, I agree with Jonathan. We love you and your son so so so so so so much. Forgive us when we sin and help us all sleep really good tonight and you too God, I hope you sleep good. Thank you for my loving daddy and mommy and Jonathan. In Jesus's Holy Holy Holy name, Amen."

Then when Daddy starts to pray, Jonathan always tells him what to say, which is exactly what he prayed earlier. It is hilarious.

I seriously need to video tape this stuff. I never ever want to forget a single detail.

Happy Friday all!

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Tucker's Mama said...

I'm quickly learning that nite nite prayers are the best ;)