Sunday, June 24, 2012

just some stuff...

just some stuff I never want to forget... I'm sure that one day, I'll think of these days as the best of our lives... because every day, I smile or laugh at least 25 times.

I love the ages of 4 and 5.  Funny personalities.  Sweet little hearts.  Greasy little finger prints.  Tight hugs and kisses. 

Here's just a few random things that won't make much sense to anyone else, but to me, are the most precious moments of my life (and keep me sane when they are fighting and acting a fool). 

* Jonathan got this Buzz Lightyear toy for his birthday and he takes it everywhere.  When we get in the van or car, he makes sure Buzz is buckled in a seatbelt.  I smile every time I turn around to back out of the driveway and see Buzz buckled up in the very back seat.  :-)

* Taking turns saves my life.  yes, indeed.  We take turns doing everything.  Including praying before meals.  And brushing teeth.  And being in charge of the remote control at rest time. 

* Jonathan thinks he's the Road Runner and says "beep beep" and takes off running really fast. 

* Jonathan has started saying "oh my goodness gracious" and it is so funny. 

* Jacob is all about his "big kindergarten workbook."  He LOVES it and needs virtually no help.  He does it so fast.  So proud! 

* When they do fight, sometimes, I have to turn my head not to show them that I'm laughing when they say, "you are a meanie mister head" or "you mean baby misses."  SO FUNNY! 

* They are both slightly obsessed with underwear.  They giggle like school girls when they see each others or their daddy's or mommy's. 

*They are in to "surprising" me by being all grown up and getting themselves dressed.  Even if they do look like raggamuffins some times.

* For some reason they both like to have a different spoon for every single thing they eat at meal time.  Sometimes, I feel like we go through 10 spoons a meal.!

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