Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a fly on the wall

I there were a fly on the walls of the Stover house, here's what he/she might see...

* A sweet little three month old baby FULL of slobbery smiles and adorable goos and coos.  LOVE his heart!  He adds so much fun to our little family. 

* The same little three month old SLEEPING LIKE A ROCKSTAR!!!!!  seriously - so blessed!  He goes to sleep at 8 or 8:30 and sleeps until 8.  We wake him up for a "dream feed" at 11ish.  Daddy usually does that feeding.  He's eating 5-6 times a day and drains 5.5 ounces each feeding.  Getting some sweet trademark rolls on his leggies.  And those cheeks?  Yes, please! 

* Joshua must have the best kidneys on the planet.  He seriously pees about 12 times a day!  We are unfortunately doing our best to fill up a landfill with all the diapers.  I prolly should be doing cloth diapers, but I just don't think I could keep up. 

* A cute little six year old with no teeth.  Seriously - he lost another one this weekend - that makes 7 teeth lost.  unbelievable.  This one wasn't exactly supposed to come out right now.  It was a little loose, but was helped when Jacob was jumping in a bouncy house and somehow face-planted on the gym floor. 

* Two little spies.  Oh wait the fly wouldn't be able to see them because they are invisible.  They usually put on their jammies and run around saying "you can't see me."  It's very very very cute.  They say, "we are busy.  Don't come in our room." 

* Other really cool costumes as well - the other day, they were Captain Hook and Peter Pan with some make shift costumes. HILARIOUS!

* A little four year old who is slightly obsessed with Sonic racing play station game.  He would play it all the time if we let him, which we don't of course.  We generally let him play for about 30 minutes a day.  He even "pretends" to play video games. 

* Mommy is obsessed with the Ruzzle app on the iPhone.  I try to get daddy to join, but he's just not that into it.  :-) 

* Mommy is pumping my face off to provide yummy milk for "the boy."  It's working for us!  SO much so that there's a blue light special on breast milk in our house.  Seriously - can't even fit ice cream in the freezer right now.  Looking for places to donate the milk.  Any ideas?  Pumping is just a way of life for us.  And of course there's no privacy.  Jacob asks, "why doesn't he eat from your breath, Mommy?"  Yep, he says breath.  And it's cute.  And I haven't corrected him.  Lord help us if he goes to school and says mommy tries to breath feed but it just doesn't work, so she hooks up this weird system and milk drips into bottles from her breath."  Oh golly.  :-) 

* Daddy is loving the NBA package on Direct TV... there's always some game on TV. 

* The big boys are excited about playing Upward Basketball at church.  Actually, Jacob is playing and Jonathan is helping daddy "coach."  Cute!  The team name is Sycamores.  Jonathan says it like "sik -a-mo-uz"  in true southern fashion. 


Mommy Webb said...

This post is awesome - your boys always come up with the best costumes. So glad that Joshua is home with his big brothers. Love y'all.

mommy raker said...

I covet that milk and would totally be a donatee if I had 'a little' to consume it. Only 3 years late:]
So glad Joshua is home, RSV is scary!