Friday, February 01, 2013

RSV (really... sucky...virus!)

Welp, we've had quite the couple of days here.  Several "firsts" for our little family.  Not firsts I'd like to repeat, mind you.  For starters, Joshua had his first sick visit to the pediatrician on Friday.  He was pitiful - coughing, choking, feverish and wouldn't eat.  Y'all - he's serious about his milkies, so I knew he wasn't feeling well.  He was diagnosed with RSV (i know the technical name, but to us, it will always be known as the really sucky virus...explanation later.)  That night, as was expected, we had a rough night.  The first time actually in a long while that baby boy hasn't slept through the night.  Saturday was actually a pretty good day.  He still felt crummy, but was mostly comfortable and rested okay.  Saturday night though... another story.  For the first time in his little life, he flat out projectile vomited several times after eating.  Scary stuff. And.he.did.not.sleep (at all) Saturday night, hence, neither did we... Sunday was even worse.  Nothing really helped him feel better - he just wasn't comfortable unless we were literally standing up holding him.  His breathing was labored.  He looked sad and worried.  It was pitiful.  He perked up a little during the afternoon, but by evening, his breathing was even worse.  I knew the warning signs, but my mommy intuition was just confused.  See, our pediatrician told us on Friday that he was 99% certain Joshua would get through this without hospitalization.  Here's what we were told to look for that would indicate a need for hospitalization:  breathing more than 60 breaths per minute (Joshua was breathing about 65 or so) and oxygen levels at or below 94 (Joshua's were at 94 or 93).  Also, we were supposed to look for retraction at the ribs during breathing.  Well, he was doing a little of all these things, but no so severe that I just knew he need to go in...  Our friend Sherry, who is a nurse and awesome momma, came over to take a look and she said he was "just on the fringe."  Well, several hours later, and after a call from our pediatrician, we took our first trip to the ER - for Joshua anyway.  We've been there once with Jonathan.  We went to Kosair at Brownsboro Road... awesome facility by the way.  Joshua got some tests run, chest x-rays and the suction.  OH THE SUCTION.  (That's why we will always call RSV the really SUCKY virus).  You will understand if you've ever seen or heard anyone have to get "deep suction" done.  Y'all - we had to leave the room - went way down the hall and we could still hear the awful suction sound and the screaming was almost more than I could bear.  Seriously - if (I pray no one ever has to experience this!) your child ever needs deep suctioning - RUN out of the room as fast as you can!! Anyway, even with oxygen, he was unable to keep his oxygen levels to an acceptable level, so we were told he'd need to be admitted.  So, we took our first ever ambulance ride to the downtown Kosair Hospital.  My little man was all hooked up on the stretcher and I about lost it.  I rode with him and Billy followed close behind the ambulance.  By this point, it was about 2 or 3 in the morning and Joshua was still awake.  Despite all the trauma, he was still smiling.  My precious precious little guy.  So sweet.  So, we got to Kosair and into our room and finally got settled at about 3:30 am.  When we got there, the deep suction had to happen again.  And again.  And again.  Oh my word y'all - awful.  But I know it helped him so much.  Gross, I know, but you should have seen the gunk they got out of him.  Poor baby.  He got oxygen through the night and up into the day on Monday.  He began to make some progress and decided the oxygen tube was just so NOT cool, so he helped take it out of his nose.  :-)  The nurse was willing to let him try without it, and he did well.  He still had to be suctioned a bunch of times that day.  The criteria for going home was 12 hours with no oxygen and 12 hours with no deep suctioning.  So, we were hopeful to go home the next day and thankfully, we did. 

All in all, it was only about 40 hours.  But it was a sleepless 40 hours and so scary.  I knew he was "okay" but it was still scary and sad.  I am so thankful for our amazing family and friends for the visits, the snacks, phone calls and prayers.  We are blessed beyond measure.  Glad to be back home, semi back to normal.  I missed my big boys!  Joshua is still sick, but so so so so so much better.  He is eating better , but gets choked really easily when eating now.  So it's still scary, but his breathing is back to normal and he is back to his smiling, sweet self. 

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Tucker & Gracie's Mama said...

I hate that y'all had to go through this!!! But, I'm so glad you were home quickly and little Joshua is doing so well. He's a fighter!
(Oh, and yes the suction is awful...Gracie had RSV at 5 months and we had to go to Kosair too. Her oxygen levels were around 89, but after being given oxygen in the ambulance, she never dropped below the upper 90's once we got to the hospital. They suctioned her there and we were able to go home within the hour, so nothing like y'all experienced...).
Love you guys!!!!