Saturday, February 16, 2013

Time is just moving too fast!

Can't believe Joshua is already 4 months old.  Actually, he's almost 4 month and a week old.  Here's some things about this age that I just love.  I'd forgotten how sweet this age is.  I LOVE it!!! 

He's becoming so interactive.  I love the fact that I walk in a room and he immediately finds me and follows me.  He smiles like crazy.  He is starting to beat his hands on anything around him. He also folds his hands together a lot - looks like he's praying.  He does it every time he eats.  So sweet.  He kicks his feet and laughs at his toes.  Really - it's so cute!  Especially if he has some type of animals on the feet of his jammies.  He is so happy and so content.  He slobbers a lot and likes to suck on his fingers.  He's trying to be a thumb sucker, but sometimes misses and its really cute to watch him try to stick his thumb in his mouth.  It looks like his whole face is hiding though because he doesn't make a fist, he has all his fingers straight out.  Oh his smile - would melt anyone's heart!  Love love love that gummy sweet grin.  He loves his brothers so very very much.  Jonathan loves to hold him, but will quickly say, "I'm done."  :-)  Jacob loves to talk to him and it's very very sweet.  He's much more interested than I ever thought he would be. 

At his four month check up, he weighed 14 lbs 14 oz and was 25" long.  (50th and 75th percentiles respectfully.)  He hasn't fully recovered from the RSV episode.  He continues to have a nagging cough and is congested.  Is that just the way it'll always be for him??? I sure hope not.  He is a great sleeper.  He goes to sleep completely on his own, without rocking!, at about 8 or 8:15.  He sleeps until 7 or 7:30.  YAY!!!  Occasionally, he wakes up at 5:30 and I change his diaper and he goes right back to sleep.  He hates to be wet.  :-)  Sometimes, we have to go put his paci in to settle him, but overall, he is an awesome sleeper.  He is taking two decent naps a day (about 9:30 and 1:00) and a catnap sometime in the evening between 4:30 and 6.  He eats like a little hoover.  hee hee.  He's eating 5 times a day -  6-7 ounces each time.  Sometimes, with his congestion and all the snot, he throws up.  It is scary and I don't like it one little bit.  That has gotten better too, the more distance we get from the RSV episode. 

Oh sweet Joshua, I can't imagine life without you.  You are soooo easy and sooo good. Everywhere we go, people say, "is he always that good?"  Yes, yes you are.  You are a total go with the flow little dude and so flexible.   You add life and energy to our family and we love everything about you.  I pray that you will understand the deep love of Jesus and will surrender your whole heart and life to Him.  XOXOXO

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Tucker & Gracie's Mama said...

He's so sweet, Sherri!
And getting so big!