Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 months old... 10 facts (and some bonuses)

1.  You LOVE to eat - seriously.  Anything we give you, you seem to love.  I'm trying to teach you the sign for more, but you do this really cute arm swinging thing when you want more. 
2. You had a scary allergic reaction to cottage cheese yesterday - you immediately broke out in red bumps/splotches.  I called your doctor immediately and they totally freaked me out - told me to watch for blue lips, decreased breathing and such.  But, you were fine in a few hours.  :-)  No more cottage cheese for you for a while. 
3.  You got introduced to Wick's pizza - oh my word.  YOU devoured it.  A chip off the ole block - mommy and daddy LOVE Wicks pizza so much. 
4.!!!  You are keeping me on my toes - if I look away I might find you in the cabinets, inside the laundry baskets or up the steps.
5.  Yes, you at ten months old can climb the stairs.  Fast. 

6.  You have crazy hair - when you are hot and sweaty or it's really humid outside, it's a little curly.  Super cute.  You may need a haircut before you turn one. 
7.  You almost always have your mouth open.  It's so cute.  It's a half smile/half surprised look. 
 I love it. 
8.  You say "ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma " over and over and over all day long.  Occasionally you say "aba" and "dada."  But mostly, it's "ma ma ma ma ma"
 9.  Your little photo shoots are getting more and more difficult.:-)    You are growing so big and so strong.  I love your sweet little personality.  You are such a laid back easy-going little dude. 
 10.  You now smile big time whenever I get the camera out.  It's like you "get it."  I got out the little red car for you and you feel like hot stuff.  It occupies you for a good 30 mins or more. 
Oh buddy, how we love you so.  Your brothers adore you and are always going to watch out for you.  I love the way that you bust out laughing spontaneously at the most random things.  You love it especially when we dance.  You love it when Jonathan does the hula.  You continue to be an amazing sleeper - not the best napper, but nighttime is awesome.  You talk A LOT more when the big boys are at school than when they are home.  You do not like to ride in the car, unless mommy is sitting right beside you feeding you puffs.  You are crawling everywhere and pulling up and trying to cruise around on furniture.  You prefer finger foods over pureed foods, but still enjoy those too.  You love to dump things out of buckets or baskets.  You still put EVERYTHING in your mouth and get pretty ticked if I have to get something out.  You are an amazing little dude and I'm so grateful I get to be your mommy.  I'll never ever tire of you crawling up to me and saying "ma ma ma ma ma" and reaching up to be picked up.  I love that.  So much.  At your nine month check up, you weighed 19 lbs and were 24 inches long - somewhat smaller than the other little men were in our house at that age.  I'm still pumping milk for you, but only 2 times a day now.  You are getting about 1/2 formula and 1/2 breast milk.  It has not been a problem for you.  Though I know it's best for you and certainly less expensive, I am so ready to throw my pump in the street.  It's been a huge sacrifice and I'm ready to be done.  :-)  From where I stand, 10 months is pretty awesome.  XOXOXO

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