Monday, November 18, 2013

Catching up

Man, it is so hard to keep up with everything these days, but I know if I don't keep up with this blog, I'll be so disappointed one day.  So... here's the Halloween re-cap.  Halloween is such a fun time for our family.  We love all the fun HAPPY stuff about Halloween.  I could skip the yucky scary stuff.  :-) 

Oh sweet Taz - you earned this nickname.  You can destroy a room in just a few seconds, but you have the BEST, most lovable personality!  Your smile is truly contagious.  We were surprised how well you did with your costume - you didn't mind it at all!  This was the weekend before Halloween - you guys went trick or treating at JCC.  :-)  You had your first sucker.  I think you fell in love.  
One of our family traditions... going over to visit Mamaw and Papaw and helping (just watching really) Papaw carve the pumpkin.  This year - a Scooby face.  

It's a Looney Tunes fest here - the cutest little Sylvester, Taz and Bugs ever.  Jacob's ears just wouldn't stand up very well, so mommy did emergency surgery with a couple of rulers and hot glue gun.  Yep, mommy can fix anything with the hot glue gun.  

Of course, Halloween wouldn't be complete without a family pic!  Can't believe we are all actually looking at the camera.  
Grammy and Pa always love being here for Halloween.  Such a treat that they live close enough to be so involved!
Trick or Treating with some of our closest friends - a new tradition for us, I hope.  It was awesome!  We hit every house in our neighborhood that was open.  We are blessed with great friends! 

Almost done, Taz...  poor guy.  He felt awful all day (had croup) - even went to the doctor that morning.  :-(  But of course we had to go to our favorite neighbors... the McTales family.  

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