Friday, February 27, 2009

Dear Jacob

It's time for themonthly insallment of my sentiments to my sweeties:

Dear Jacob,

How in the world are you already 2 1/2 years old? You are so grown up and I'm so proud to be your mommy. You make your daddy and me laugh at least 15 times each day. You are so smart and have a near perfect memory (especially when it comes to a treat you may have been promised.)

I'm amazed by your love for music. It is really precious. You have 4 guitars and play them all every day. You share with whoever's around too so we can sing songs and dance and be really silly. You have a great little voice - it's so cute. You like to sing he ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, How Great is our God, Famous One, and all the Imagination Movers' songs. You don't always know all the words, but you sure have the tunes down. we wonder if you might be the next Chris Tomlin...

I love the way you smile and play with your brother. Just last night, you sat in front of him and "read" him some books. Memories I will have forever include your first moments really playing together.

You have turned in to quite the picky eater (I have no idea where you might have gotten that from by the way...) - you don't even like pizza most days. oh my, what will we do? Good thing you LOVE "macanoni" - we eat it almost every meal.

We're still struggling with sleep issues in our house - you have your daddy wrapped right around your finger when it comes to nite nite time - your convinced that he has to lay down with you til you fall asleep...hmmm. We can't wait until you and your brother choose to sleep together.

We love you little man - you are a unique and funny little person. You are one of our best little friends ever!

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Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Jacob - you put up a big boy front sometimes, but you really love your cuddles. You are learning so much so fast! Love you.