Saturday, February 07, 2009

My good friend Rachie passed this charge along -so I'll try to fulfill her request - to impart 10 pearls of wisdom about myself...okay maybe not ten pearls, but 10 honest facts, so here's my feeble attempt. I realized I'm not nearly as talented as my Rachie - no rapping for this chic! :-)

1. My weakness - BROWNIES!!! I have (on more than one occasion - and not just when I was pregnant) made brownies and eaten the WHOLE pan by myself sans the edges. I hate the edges. Poor Billy - he lifts up the lid or foil and to his surprise, they're all gone. yikes...

2. I hate the edges on anything - brownies, toast, anything really. Except cornbread - I only eat the edges on that stuff. weird, I know.

3. I have been out of the country three times- one trip logged more than 20000 skymiles - all the way to Zimbabwe, which is one of the most memorable times in my life and also when I realized I was madly in love with Billy, even though we'd only just met.

4. Once, in high school, my three best girlfriends and I were on America's Funniest People.

5. I had really big hair in the 7th grade (and 8th grade, I think). The kind of hair that you curl the bottom of your bangs down and flip the top part up as high as it would go.

6. I'm still a daddy's girl - always will be I think!

7. When I go "home" my mom still cooks me my favorite breakfast - gravy and biscuits. YUMMY!

8. I lived within 5 miles of both my grandparents when I was little and I loved all of them so much - I still have my granny - she's really sick, but I'm thankful to still have her.

9. One of the best things about being a parent is watching my parents be "Pa and Grammy" to our boys - I seriously think they like the boys better than me. :-)

10. I am the world's worst dishwasher loader - really. Billy (bless his patient little heart) always has to re-do it. So, conveniently, now, I just don't even bother. :-) Funny how that works - it used to work when I was a teenager too - I wasn't very good at mowing the yard. I always ran over stuff -so finally, my dad gave up and said I didn't ever have to do it.

11. I'd give my right arm for a full night's sleep and to sleep in - by sleep in, I mean sleep past 6 am!!!!! (I love my boys - but sheesh, they make me tired!!!)

Okay - I know's 11, but the last one is a bonus. Enjoy!

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Tiffany Magness Keene said...

I feel ya on the brownies! I'm making a batch as I type (well, they're in the oven)!
#4-I want to see the tape!
#6-Daddy's girl for life sista!
#10-I never knew that! Thank God for our awesome husbands!

I enjoyed your list! :)