Friday, February 27, 2009

Dear Jonathan

Dear Baby Jonathan, (big 'on, nosy rosy, johnny p... you pick the nickname.)

You are growing so incredibly fast. You are a man on the move, let me tell you. You are crawling at absolute warp speed and can pull up and cruise all around the place as long as there's something to hang on... you've even stood by yourself for a few seconds. I know you'll be walking before we know it. Unbelievable.

You are such a sweet snuggly little guy. And SOOO happy! You have 8 teeth now and I just love your little cheesy grins where you show each of those cute little teeth to whoever will look!

For some reason, you've been on a little bit (no strike that - a complete) of a bottle strike these days - it's freaking me out a little, but maybe you're just ready to move on to the next big step - sippy cups. We've been trying to give you as much milk as possible in cereal, but I'm still a little worried. Don't grow up so fast, kiddo!!!

You continue to admire your big brother and love every second of attention he gives you - even if you get hurt in the process. :-) Not that he would do anything intentionally, but.... no one can make you laugh the way he does. It is a really neat relationship.

You are the best little baby - I love you with all my heart little bug. You are so curious and sweet - I hope that never goes away!!

Love you,

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Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Jonathan - you are one fast little guy. You started rolling and haven't stopped since. Thanks for showing Walker how it's done:). Love you.