Friday, January 01, 2010

Dear Santa,

Dearest Santa (or "Ho Ho Ho" as Jonathan says),

We know this is a little late and we do hope you'll accept our tardy thank you note, BUT thanks a whole bunch for all the cool stuff you brought to our house for Christmas. We really like Mickey Mouse and you must have known, because it was like a Mickey Christmas at our house in Shelbbabill. (oh - Shelbyville to the not so "country 3 year olds). Oh and we also love love loved the telescope, drums and jack in the box. Christmas was a very special day! We were very busy, but so excited when we walked downstairs and saw our stockings filled up and a bunch of pretty presents under the tree. Glad you liked your cupcakes we left you. Each year, we make cupcakes for two special birthday boys. First, Uncle Jerry has his big day on Christmas Eve. Then, the other birthday boy is Jesus - the whole reason for Christmas. Mommy and Daddy tell us lots about Him and we even read his birthday story from the Bible first thing that morning. We were especially interested in finding the angel and then we got to put baby Jesus in his manger thingy in the nativity scene. Nativity is such a big word - aren't we smart for knowing it???

Well, Santa - we bet you are still really tired from last week and we bet your belly still hurts from all the cookies. We hope you rest lots and we promise to be good this year so you'll come back to Shelbbabill next year!

lots of love, Jacob and Jonathan

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