Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pretend Play

Our boys are so much fun right now! It's a whole new world here - toys are great, but honestly it seems like the boys rarely need toys to have a great time. Tonight was no exception. After dinner, Jacob came in the kitchen and asked me, "mommy, can I borrow some of your clothes?" Hmmm..."sure sweetie, I guess." Jacob came out a few minutes later wearing my black boots and one of my t-shirts - a stinky one from yesterday's workout class no less. :) Then, Jonathan came running in and handing me shoe after shoe - to each one of course, I said "thank you so much!" and he thought that was the greatest thing ever. I have a lot of shoes, so this process took a while. Then, the boys decided they were "going to work." They got a whole bunch of Daddy's ties off his tie rack and put them on their necks. Jacob would say, "okay you stay at Mrs. Maureen's and I'll be back." Jonathan would put about 4 ties on and wave bye and blow a kiss. Then he'd come back in the room with a little toy for me. It was so cute! We were having so much fun that I forgot about a pan of spaghetti noodles I had on the stove to put in the chili I made for Billy for tomorrow's lunch. Man, our house smells GROSS with a capitol G! We were probably about 2 minutes away from a smoky house and smoke detector issues. My goodness - at least it was my awesome Pampered Chef pot and even though the noodles were completely burned and stuck to the bottom - it all came out! I love me some Pampered Chef cookware! If it had been any other pan, I would have just. thrown.it.away. Seriously. But I digress - back to the fun... the boys played "work" for about 45 minutes and it was just priceless. Wouldn't trade moments like that for anything in the whole world!


Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

It's so great that the boys have one another. They play so well. At least they weren't pulling out your underoos this time;).

Tiffany Magness Keene said...

I agree with Rach, they will be best friends for life! It is so wonderful that they have each other!
And, I love my PC cookware too! I would have burned up many a pans if it wasn't for them!
Love the pics of the boys dressed up, especially Jonathan in Daddy's ties...priceless! ;)