Friday, February 19, 2010


Okay, so I typically write a monthly letter to each of my boys...I'm going to do something a little different and jot down some of their favorite things (more for me so I never ever forget this time in my life!)

JONATHAN'S FAVS (21 months)

Favorite snack: pretzel sticks

Favorite cartoon character: PETE (hands down!), but Barney is a close second

Favorite book: Thomas the Train - it's so cute...there's a page where Thomas has a sad face and every time Jonathan gets to that page, he tilts his head and gives a pout face - PRECIOUS!!!!!

Favorite song: "Thank You Jesus" (a little song we made up, but he loves it so much!) and "The Wheels on the Bus." Oh and the Veggie Tales song. So cute. One day, Andy McDonald was coming to our house and we call him Andy-Tales (no idea why, but we do....) and Jonathan started singing the veggie tales song when we told him Andy-Tales was coming over.

Favorite cereal: Captain Crunch Berries

Favorite fruit: blueberries

Favorite veggie: peas

Favorite toy: the pretend kitchen and food

Favorite parent: daddy - no contest. :-)

Favorite friend: Jacob (aka BATMAN)

Favorite object: pacis - only for bedtime and naptime now though

Favorite time of day: right before nite nite time - he's become quite the snuggler. We walk him in his room and say " you want me to rock you and sing songs?" He says "mmm, hmmm." It is a wonderful time for us. Daddy and I have to take turns because we both love it so much.

JACOB (3 years, 4 months)

Favorite cartoon: Batman

Favorite toy: Batman stuff

Favorite activity: Playing Batman... (sense a theme here?) Jacob is really into the superhero stuff. He's Batman, Jonathan is Superman, Daddy is Robin and Mommy is Wonderwoman. Not really sure what all that means, but he is so funny right now!

Favorite accomplishment: POTTY TRAINING -Jacob makes sure to call us into the bathroom to "see my pee drops and look how much I pooped."

Favorite food: Macaroni and butter and salt

Favorite treat: Peanut M&Ms (used as treats when he potties!), oreos - which he almost always gets from his Mamaw and Papaw and sprite - which he almost always gets from Grammy and Pa.

Favorite Song: "My God is so Big, So Strong and So Mighty..." a sweet little song he learned at Mrs. Maureen's house.

Favorite friend: Jonathan (aka Superman) - they really get along so well. It's pretty cute. Jacob will even share his treats with Jonathan. He also really enjoys spending time with Ashley, his babysitter's daughter. He even said one day that he was going to marry Ashley when he get big. (oh wait just a minute, young're not getting married until you're 50!) :-) He has lots of other friends too - one of his special friends is is big cousin Taylor. They just love each other.


jeanneburnett said...

Cute! good idea to record these. they change so fast! Wasn't that long ago that Mickey was #1 right?? fun times!

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Great idea to capture those "favorites." I just love how those little guys are so close. Lifelong friends - nothing better!!!