Thursday, March 03, 2011

laides and gentlemen of the jury

I’m here today to present the facts. Once the facts are presented, I’m sure you, the jury, can determine what these little facts mean. They are irrefutable and sometimes irresistible:
• Forgotten toilet seats left up
• Pee stains on the toilet seat (and some on the floor surrounding the potty)
• Weapons made from the most simple household items
• Wrestling matches nearly every hour (I mean minute)
• Dirty fingernails
• Stinky shoes and socks
• Stinky toots that make the crowd erupt in laughter and giggles
• Balls, hoops, bats, tees, helmets, etc. are found quite frequently
• Cars, legos and superheros are constantly underfoot
• “to infinity and beyond” followed by loud thumps from jumping off furniture
• “Hey bubby, watch this” also followed by loud thumps from jumping off
• “Betcha can’t beat me” -heard loud and clear throughout the house
• Grass-stained knees on jeans
• Scuffed up shoes
• Bubble wars
• Dirty faces
• Bed heads
• Slobbery kisses
• Dance parties
• Endless games of hide and seek

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury - what say you? Have you reached a verdict?

Yep, you guessed it. I am in fact surrounded by sweet little boys and one big handsome boy. I am outnumbered. There is no shortage of testosterone in this house. And. I. Love. It!


Katie said...

Being outnumbered is so fun! (most of the time:)

Mommy Webb said...

Yup, sounds like you are in fact outnumbered. But I know you would have it no other way:). I am outnumbered now, but I'm hoping Warren will help me settle the score a tad, although she will prob side with her daddy anyway:).