Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's your favorite color baby?

BLUE and WHITE!!!!!

C-A-T-S!! Cats Cats Cats!

So, today, we watched our beloved Wildcats win another SEC championship. What fun! The boys like the Cats too, but they don't get into a whole 2 hour game. Lucky for us, it was nap/rest time!

We think they got ripped off getting a 4 seed in the big dance - don't you??? And Florida got a 2? Not fair, not fair!

Billy always hosts a bracket challenge for his work. I don't know if he's gonna be able to do it this year because next weekend is his biggest work weekend of the year. But I hope he does. Because he's really good at it. And sometimes even wins. And that means a trip to Pottery Barn for this happy momma! :-) (I know my high school English teacher would be shattered if she read all those sentence fragments.)


Tucker's Mama said...

C-A-T-S! You know this house is bleeding blue too! And, we're with ya on the 4th seed! Rip off! Oh and Billy, you have to do a good job this year so Sherri can go to PB! ;)

Mommy Webb said...

Walker didn't nap at all yesterday, thanks to his refusal to stop watching the game coupled with the time change madness. Billy BETTER enter a bracket this year!:)