Friday, May 27, 2011

This man...

Makes me so happy. He is kind and loving and patient (Lord knows he has to be!)and I love him with all my heart. This man is funny and witty and he's my very best friend. He is a very picky eater and he is a great basketball and softball player. He loves to watch sports and somehow knows any and all details about baseball, basketball and football. Goodness, I'm glad he doesn't follow golf, nascar or hockey. :-) He is a loyal friend to those he meets and everyone who meets him instantly likes him. He is very good at his job, but is the first to say that his j-o-b doesn't come first. We do. That's right - he puts God first and then me and the boys. He is a real man, in my opinion. He loves the Lord and chooses to lead our family toward Him. He is the best daddy in the world. Even with two little ones, he makes me feel like a princess every day. He is helpful beyond belief around the house and has changed his fair share of stinky diapers.

I am so blessed to call this man my husband. On May 21, 2005, he became mine forever!!! Last weekend, we went to Myrtle beach (without our kiddos!) for a brief vacation to celebrate our anniversary. We had a blast! We missed Jacob and Jonathan so very very much, but it was a really wonderful time to rest, relax and reconnect... without wiping bottoms or fixing peanut butter sandwiches or getting "tweets" for "Being such a good good boy."

So grateful that Grammy and pa agreed to keep the boys so we could enjoy ourselves. We will definitely be doing that again!!!


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Mommy Webb said...

Um, hello Mrs. Fonda. Wowza!!! You are rockin that bikini. But back to your man, he is real catch and I know he feels the same about you. Happy Anniversary. I love y'all.