Monday, May 30, 2011

My big THREE year old

Dear Jonathan,
Holy Catfish (one of your cute sayings)... you are three. I can't believe you are already 3. You are one sweet little boy and you make us so happy. We've had quite the fun party weekend, starting with a little playdate party on Friday morning for you and a few of your little buddies. Then, your family party was on Saturday - a Toy Story theme.

It was tons of fun! At the end, you sweetly said "these are the best presents ever." You were excited with each present and I loved your reactions!

Today, on your "real" birthday, we had a quiet morning at home and then a family cookout at your Uncle Jerry and Aunt Amy's house. It took you about an hour to finally decide to swim, but once you did, you loved it!

You are amazing. Here's some highlights of what's gong on it your life right now:
* You still love Toy Story - you and Daddy have a special thing about saying "dr. Evil

* You ARE potty trained! - well almost! You do great at our house, but sometimes don't like to go pee pee at Mamaw's or Ms. Elsie's. You have started something new. Every night, when we tuck you in, we know that you are going to say "I have to go stinky." And then you get out of bed, go to the potty and proceed to run show me each and every little piece of your "business." Seriously gross, but I'm totally proud of you!
* You are riding your big boy bike like a champ! So cute!
* You really really like to win. Everything is a competition to you. We're working really hard on "being on the same team as your brother." It really makes me sad to see you lose most of the time, since Jacob is naturally faster than you.
* You say "off" when you mean "all." For instance, when you as for food, you say, "I want cheese and applesauce and yogurt and peanut butter and that's off."
* You are a 100% daddy's boy. I mean really, I wish you liked me even a little. :-)

* I love you so much big boy! Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

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Mommy Webb said...

Great pictures. Happy Birthday, Jonathan. You are such a big boy! Wish we were there to celebrate. Love you.