Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Ahhh - summer is in full swing here.  And I love it.  Every single second of it!  We are having so much fun.  I have so many blog posts that need to make an appearance, but they are mostly only in my head.  I know one day I'll deeply regret that since I don't have a great deal of time to scrapbook...but I'm going to try to keep this thing updated better.  My 60 year old self will thank me many years down the road.  :-)  I think I'll just start fresh and then if time allows, I'll fill in the gaps, so off we go. 

Today is Father's Day.  What a blessed day we've had. A great church service, a wonderful afternoon with sweet friends, a nice family nap, and the evening with Billy's family.  The night ended with daddy getting to watch the NBA finals with two of his special dudes.  They definitely have a special bond over basketball - especially daddy and Jonathan. 

I'm so grateful for this man.  I've said it before, but Billy really is the greatest daddy ever.  He was built and specially designed to be a daddy to our sweet boys.  There is no greater role model for them.  He loves the Lord, adores his family, respects others, works hard and is a friend to anyone he meets.  He teaches the boys to be honest, live with integrity and consistently try to be the man God wants him to be. This man is the same whether he's teaching little girls in Sunday school, working in his office or with judges across the state, playing basketball or hanging out with his friends.  I am so grateful for his consistency.   I'm so grateful that God saw fit to bring us together.  Jacob, Jonathan and Joshua all have a special bond with him - each relationship is unique and he loves them fully.  When he's home, he's all daddy - they get his undivided attention and his time, a special gift from parent to child.  Happy Father's Day to the love of my life! 

Happy Happy Father's day to my daddy as well.  Hate that we didn't get to be together today, but can't wait to celebrate with him next weekend.  I was always a daddy's girl growing up.  He, like Billy, gave of his time and energy to my sister and I every single day.  He worked hard, but when his work day ended, he was all about us!  Some of my favorite memories of my daddy were our weekly trips (dates) to Bowling Green for gymnastics or music lessons.  What adventures!  Yes, he is indeed a great daddy - but he might even be a better Pa!!!  He hung the moon in the eyes of all three boys and I love the relationship they have with him.  Pa is completely wrapped around their fingers and will do anything they ask.  Especially if it involves a trip to DQ or Dollar Tree. 

And lastly, I'm a blessed momma to have a super duper father-in-law too!  I love how helpful he is to everyone and how much he enjoys being with family.  Billy's had a great role model too - Bill loves the Lord and loves his family.  He is a TERRIFIC Papaw too - my boys love "papaw adventures" - that usually include going to breakfast and getting a BIG Hershey bar.  :-) So grateful for the legacy he is building and pray that the Stover boys continue to love the Lord just like these awesome men in their lives. 

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