Sunday, June 15, 2014

Little updates...

these boys... keep me busy and keep my house dirty, but also are the loves of my life and are so very special.  Here's a few updates about what's happening with each of my loves. 

First, Jacob  - my very spunky 7 year old.  He finished first grade with flying colors, reads like he's in middle school and LOVES sweet treats.  He is a terrific big brother and helps me entertain Joshua all the time.  He also loves to be with Jonathan and feels lost when he's gone for some reason!  He loves to watch TV, but would much rather be outside riding his bike, shooting water guns or playing on the swing set.  He is creative and has a passion for learning.  He is also the silliest of all my boys - never know what that boy is going to say! He continues to be a painfully picky eater, but is hungry all the time.  Probably because he only likes to eat carbs and he burns them like crazy! He is a total fish - would stay in the pool 24/7 if he didn't have to eat or sleep.  He's quite the talented swimmer too!

Second, Jonathan - my sweet, sweet 6 year old.  He is amazing and has such a kind heart.  That boy is OBSESSED with basketball.  For real.  We got him a goal for his birthday and our garage has now become a basketball court.  I don't know what he'll do when it's winter time and we insist that our cars be parked in the garage.  He loves legos and can do the entire set (hard ones!!) by himself.  He is a great reader too, but not nearly as confident as his big brother.  He recently was in the little Mr. Shelby County pageant and I couldn't have been prouder of him as he recited a Bible verse for the whole crowd. He got 2nd place - totally should have won, but oh well!  :-)   He is loving summer time and also loves to swim, but not as much as basketball!!! He's taken an interest in NBA just like his daddy and can name way more players than I can!  In fact, he requests that his daddy DVR every game he always wants to watch the games during rest time. 

Last but not least, Baby Joshua (TAZ!) - oh buddy.  How we love him so.  He is so busy and full of life.  He is talking a lot and says "where's da da?" at least 417 times a day.  He loves shoes and loves to bring them to people.  He is a great eater and has slowed down on the throwing food (!).  He loves to be "outshide" - in fact, you grab your shoes first thing in the morning and say "outshide outshide."  He loves bubbles and is still fairly fond of shovels and rakes, but finally, mommy and daddy got smart and hid the darn plunger so he can't carry that thing around.  He loves bedtime and is a fantastic sleeper and napper.  Praise the Lord!  His nighttime routine is so precious - one of my favorite times of the day!  He likes us to sing a few songs, say some Bible verses and sit in "momo" chair (Elmo) and read the Bible.  He's a bit of a fudger at bedtime - how could he ask for "mo bible" and us say no.  :-) 

(some photo credits - go to the amazing and awesome and fabulous Rachel Webb!!! - thanks Aunt Rachie!) 

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