Friday, June 06, 2014

Mother's Day - what a blessing!

My job is mommy.  Yes, I have a real J-O-B too - I'm a part time therapist.  But I'm a full-time mommy.  Y'all - it's better than any job ever.  Harder too, but definitely better.  I used to think my mom was cuh-razy for keeping all the homemade stuff we made her.  I mean my sweet momma STILL carries the ugly key chain I made her in 7th grade shop class.  It is leather and painted pink.  It is HIDEOUS, but she still uses it every single day on her car keys.  Did you catch that?  I made it in 7th grade... that's like a million and ten years ago.  Really it's like 24, but who's counting.  She carries it because it's special to her.  The same reason that I have my homemade cards under magnets on my refrigerator and the same reason that I wear the necklace Jonathan made me at school as often as possible and the reason that I carefully water the plants the boys made me so they do not die this summer.  I am a total sucker for anything with hand prints too.  Sigh.  I love my littles.  They are making my hair gray and they've made my body look way different than before, but I wouldn't trade places with anyone on the planet.  I know this is late, but happy mother's day!
Fancy Nancy Tea Party with my big boy Jacob at school.  See his little tie he made?  Precious and so fancy.  He was so proud. 

Mother's day dinner with the best momma ever... and oh, being Grammy suits her so well!

Me and my loves on Mother's Day after church.  Just so cute!

There are no words.  (oh and check out that new swing set lovingly put together by daddy and our good friend Andy-tales.)  I am one blessed momma.  My prayer for these sweet boys is that they truly seek the Lord and that they strive to do what's right in life, even when others do not.  I pray that they grasp how high and wide and long and deep is the love of Christ. 

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