Sunday, May 31, 2009


Jonathan has experienced a few "firsts" lately and I just have to share them. He had his first experience in the swimming pool - he's not a big fan... his trip in the pool lasted about 45 seconds - barely long enough for me to snap a shot of him! He also got to ride on a "tractor" at Grammy and Pa's house (lawn mower) - this was part of a week-long visit to Grammy and Pa's; another first for both the boys. We were away from them from Tuesday -Saturday (I did see them on Friday briefly before Billy and I headed off to Nashville for a wonderful relaxing evening to celebrate our fourth anniversary. We were a little nervous to leave them so long, BUT they had a blast and so did Grammy and Pa!!!!!

On a similar note, I can't make this post without saying I LOVE YOU SO MUCH to my awesome husband. I love our life and I love sharing everything about parenthood with you. Can't imagine anything different or better for our lives. You are a wonderful husband and the perfect daddy for our boys. What a role model you are for them - you will slowly teach them by example how to love other people, how to see the best in all situations (even when I see the glass as half empty), how to put others' needs and desires before theirs, and eventually, how to love their spouse in the way God would lead. You are amazing! I love you so much!

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Tiffany Magness Keene said...

Happy Anniversary to an awesome couple!!!!! We love you both! :)