Tuesday, May 19, 2009

babies - necessities or not???

Okay - so my friend Tiff recently created a post that inspired this one...she's a new mommy-to-be (YEAH for baby Keene) and went into Babies R Us and came out totally overwhelmed. There is so much to think about!!! So here's some of the things I either bought or received as a new mommy that just weren't as necessary as I thought they would be:
baby booties and baby shoes (maybe I'm a bad mom, but neither of my boys hardly ever wore shoes until they were crawling!!) I have a whole basket of shoes and booties that have never been worn!
Diaper genie - I know some people swear by them, but we rarely used ours and when we did, it was only for "pee" diapers - there's just something yucky about poopie diapers just sitting in a white trash can in the boys room - Kroger bags work like magic!!!
Blankets - i love baby blankets as they are so versatile, but seriously, I probably bought/received 25 blankets that were never ever used!!!! I ended up finding about 5 that Loved and used all the time.
Bottle Warmer - used it only once - a warm cup of water is MUCH easier, more portable and easier to explain to grandparents. :-)

Some things that I got and have used the heck out of: the pack n play -stays at the sitters - that's where they sleep!; extra car seat bases for the infant car seat - had one in each car and for the babysitter!; hooded towels - LOVE THEM!!!!; car organizer -thing that hangs on the back seat - great storage for toys and books as they get older; little tupperware dishes - great for snacks; spoons - I never seem to have enough - they seem to disappear!; tubes of diaper cream - seriously you need one in every room of the house (changing tables are over rated - the floor works much better for those wiggly little peeps!); extra pacis (if your baby uses one - be aware though...babies get to be very particular about the type of pacis they use!)

what about you???? Any thoughts on essentials for babies and toddlers? Any things I will just have to have as my boys get older???


Tiffany Magness Keene said...

Sherri, Thank you so much! Before I register, I am defnitely revisiting this post!!! And thanks for the comment on mine! Leave it to the baby magazines, and especially the info they give you at Baby's R Us, you need everything under the sun before you're even prepared to labor the child! LOL!!! I'm glad I have great friends who have been there and can share words of wisdom!
Thanks again! :)

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Great post! I agree with your thoughts on the essentials and non-essentials. I will add that zip up sleepers (which you introduced me to) are vital to a mommy's sanity! It takes no time to zzzzzip them in and out during those middle-of-the-night changings. Love you.